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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Spotlight on Retro Housewives Gone Mad!

Retro Housewives was a fabulous swap. ALL of the cards were outstanding, but a couple, I think really summed up the theme very succinctly.
Glenda Miles' "Last Night Ira Asked For a Divorce ,
with the perfectly coiffed smiling faced woman drinking her coffee, just says it all for me.

Spotlight on Retro Housewives Gone Mad!

And Pam Poor's "Latest in Alien Pest Control" sums up the paranoia of the times perfectly.
Yes, you were just expecting a fun swap, not a Sociological analysis, but I'm a Sociologist at heart - so unfortunately you're stuck with it. lol

Retro Housewives Gone Mad!

Kebra Bangs

Carol Henley

Retro Housewives Gone Mad!

Be sure to click for a close up!

Glenda Miles, Gail Anderson, Dee Radcliffe

Teresa Stebbins, Elizabeth Egleston, Vicci Henderson

Pam Poor, Michelle Dressler, Lubna Ul-Hasan

Retro Housewives Gone Mad!

Aimee Bishop, Beth Welch, Carol Moore
Kathy Roper, Mary Rowin, Toni Busch Ratzlaff