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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Wintry Blue, White and Silver - Color Play

Toni Busch Ratzlaff, Laurie Morris, Glenda Miles

Wintry Blue, White and Silver - Color Play

Welcome to those of you who are playing for the first time, this swap was especially gorgeous !!

Michelle Mason, Sharon Durfy, Chris Tessnear

See Above for Middle Row

Brenda Nicholson, Mary Elizabeth Martin, Joni Owens

Wintry Blue, White and Silver - Color Play

Mary Grellner, Carol Moore, Anne Marie Torrez

Tiny Traditions

Anne Marie Torrez, Carol Moore, Laurie Morris

Mary Elizabeth Martin, Sharon Durfy, Sandy Swanson

Green and Pink Featuring the letter A

Welcome Rosemary Antoshak!

the always amazing Glenda Miles

and Welcome new player Sandy Swanson!

Green and Pink Featuring the letter A

Anne Marie Torrez, Rosemary Antoshak, Emma M.

Mary Elizabeth Martin, Carol Henley, Chris Tessnear

Green and Pink Featuring the letter A

laurie morris, mary grellner, pam aries

Green and Pink Featuring the letter A

Laurie Morris, Carol Moore,
Joni Owens

American Gothic II

Shown on the bottom - Mk's original Goth Girl, and on the top, the new, updated Goth Girl, MK writes: "Goth Girl blossomed into a full-fledged young sophisticate. She has a degree, a job, a salary and a chic new career wardrobe."
Be sure to scroll down to American Gothic I, to see a desciption of the original Goth Girl! Cards by MK Colling

American Gothic II

Deb Silva

American Gothic II

Anne Marie Torrez, MK Colling, Carol Moore
Mary Elizabeth Martin, Brandi Henderson, Carol Henley

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dreams II

card from Norma Johnson opens out and then down

Dreams II

carol moore, janelle ortiz scolaro, joni owens

mary elizabeth martin, c nathalie milliken, beth welch

eugenia toledo keyser, anne marie torrez, carol henley

Visions II

carol moore, beth welch, chris tessnear

glenda miles, mary martin, eugenia toledo keyser

anne marie torrez, laurie morris, carol henley

Color Play - Fall Colors

pam aries, carol moore

laurie moore

Color Play - Fall Colors

chris tessnear, glenda miles, irene bell

mary elizabeth martin, beth welch, c nathalie milliken

anne marie torrez, patty welch, carol henley

Color Play - Fall Colors

Card by Carol Moore Posted by Picasa

Color Play - Fall Colors

Carol Henley, Kelly Shults, Mary Martin

Sharon Durfy, Laurie Morris, Beth Welch Posted by Picasa