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Friday, April 20, 2007

I'm Baaaack!

Hi All,

I'm Back from Chicago - and will be sending back cards and posting previous swaps within the next couple of days - I'll also be announcing new swaps for May and June so check back soon!
I've missed you!!

Friday, February 09, 2007


I recently had a conversation with another artist about authenticity in art.

Have you noticed how different all of your cards are from each others? You all are wonderful - so creative, so original - I see you incorporating ideas from new books, like triptychs, or background techniques, into your cards, - not copying trends - But growing as artists! You exemplify what we're all about here - supporting each other in our collective journey through the creative!

Card by Carol Moore


Marney Makridakis, Chris Tessnear, Beth Gerber

Carol Moore, Gail Goodrick, Colleen Conway

Dorothy Kaufman, Emma M., Mary Grellner


Judy Bleu, Glenda Miles

Sue Young, Carol Henley
Joni Owens

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

B For the Blues

These were all gorgeous kids, they all did what the Blues are supposed to do ~ they touched my soul!
I hope you all enjoyed this swap as much as I did~

Blues Across Borders by Michelle Mason

To Hoagie with Love by Carol Henley

B For the Blues

Toni Busch Ratzlaff, Jessie Koenigsberg

Dorothy Kaufman, Laurie Morris, Carol Moore,

Beth Gerber, Mary Grellner, Joni Owens

Winter Whites

Magi: the Snowcat Angel byJudy Bleu,
Snow Ballet by Joni Owens

Winter Whites

Mary Grellner, Dorothy Kaufman, Rebecca Woodward

Laurie Morris, Carol Moore, Carol Henley